Donald Trump Aide Resigns After Fallout From Controversial BuzzFeed Profile

Donald Trump Aide Resigns After Fallout From Controversial BuzzFeed Profile

Trump aide Sam Nunberg confirms to TheWrap he has resigned as the political hopeful's consultant

Donald Trump political consultant Sam Nunberg has stepped down following the fallout from a critical 6,000 word Donald Trump profile written by BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins, which the mogul's rep called “dishonest.”

Nunberg had helped facilitate the meeting between Coppins and Trump, originally thinking the article as pitched to him would be an “opening” for BuzzFeed and Trump's relationship.

TheWrap first reported that Trump's camp was not happy about the Coppins profile on Friday.

“It is a totally dishonest and unfair article, written by a politically irrelevant website,” Trump's EVP and Special Counsel Michael Cohen told TheWrap. “From the moment the reporter entered the vehicle to the time he left Mar-a-Lago, his only goal was to write a negative piece.”

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Trump tweeted his disdain for BuzzFeed's profile over the weekend.

@mckaycoppins is a failed and dishonest reporter who refuses to mention the sarcasm in my voice when referring to him or irrelevant buzzfeed,” Trump said.

Nunberg told TheWrap he had made plans for the future following his departure.

“My plate is full,” Nunberg said. “I have two other clients and a Senate campaign. (I) will be making an announcement soon.”

  • hupto

    If Buzzfeed is so irrelevant, why did The Mighty Donald even agree to the interview in the first place?

    • C. Locke, MD

      Trump is successful. He turns things around. His employees love him. He excels at what he does. He has a lovely polite, well educated, and hard working family who all are successful. They also are beloved by those that work for them.
      Trump succeeds in life. He teaches others how to succeed. He is the ultimate American. He is successful in business around the world. He knows how to make things happen, how to create jobs, how to run things that succeed and work with all cultures. He creates jobs not like he is on TV – the people who work for him love him. He demands excellence and this allows people to rise, to learn, to excel. He shows by his actions he believes in people, he believes they can excel, change, grow, rise to new levels. I have interviewed his staff around the world. They are proud of themselves, they strive to be better people every day and they love Mr. Trump. This is real and in my studies I have not found this is another company. He meets with all employees, asks their thoughts on how things can be improved. He provides opportunities based on merit. He respects everyone. They love him beyond what one can imagine.
      As one employee said ” Mr. Trump has created a business where everyone that works in the business wants it to succeed and goes the extra mile to make it succeed. Isn't that what we want for America?
      r. Trump has the qualities to build, grow, turn around problems, and bring out the best in people.
      I believe these qualities are what America needs in a President.
      Mr. Donald Trump would make an excellent President.
      Carol Locke, MD

      • Roy Oldenkamp

        He's a bitter, megalomaniacal serial bankrupt-abusing right wing jerk, even if he does sign your paycheck, Doc Locke.

  • Simone

    trump SUCKS!!!!!! what a creepie media whore. why not just shut-up if BUZZfeed is so ‘irrelevant’ ?????

  • O. Locke

    trump is a big loser!

    I always laugh when I see his photo or hear him talking.

  • Jamil Jigaboo

    Trump is a bum. He always talks about running for president but then pulls out at the last minute because he is nothing but a coward with money. He dodged the Vietnam war with a medical dferment but always tells people he was a great athlete. His daddy left him $ 365 million when he died. I think I could make a few dollars with that kind of money.