The Ultimate Anti-Super Bowl Guide: 11 Other Things to Watch

An estimated 160 million Americans are expected to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. If you don't want to be a part of that flock of sheep, you're in luck. TheWrap has compiled the ultimate guide to what else is on TV.

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Beginning at 2 p.m. ET, the Travel Channel will air a marathon of big-game-inspired episodes of "Food Paradise," including "Chili Paradise" and "Sandwich Paradise." You may want to order those Buffalo wings before settling down for this one, because it'll definitely make you hungry for greasy, salty grub.
  • joeduffy2

    Don't forget the ‘KITTEN BOWL’ on the Hallmark Channel!!

  • iheartjacksparrow

    Don't forget Fish Bowl on Nat Geo.

  • jvmc

    Hey! I watch Masterpiece Classics and I love football and Downton (not Downtown) Abbey! I know there is this presumed great divide between people who enjoy culture and those who like sports, but there are a few well rounded people out there. Admittedly, I didn't use to be that interested in sports. I started watching football, basketball and auto racing in order to have something to talk to my brother about. Fifteen years later, I am just as excited to see the best offense in the country compete against the best defense in the country as I am to see the next episode of Downton Abbey.