USA Pulls ‘It Takes a Choir’ at 11th Hour, Moves It to 2014

USA Pulls 'It Takes a Choir' at 11th Hour, Moves It to 2014

James White/USA Network

The cable channel hopes to give the reality series a better time slot with the move

In an eleventh hour decision, USA Network has decided to pull new musical reality series, “It Takes a Choir,” from its fall premiere on Saturday to sometime in 2014.

The decision was made on Friday in an effort to give the show based on the hit UK series a better time slot than the Saturday at 11 p.m. slot it was previously placed in. It is considering a “Modern Family” lead-in for the series, since its syndication of the ABC comedy is rating high for USA.

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Currently, it will replace the show on Saturday at 11/10c with a “White Collar” repeat. It will replace the previous repeat airing of the premiere on Sunday at midnight/11c with “SVU.”

“It Takes a Choir” stars award-winning choirmaster Gareth Malone as he travels the nation looking for communities who could benefit from the community and challenges of creating a show choir.

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The series adapts its concept from Malone's UK series “The Choir,” a BBC documentary series that debuted in 2006. It has won two BAFTA awards and two RTS awards. Additionally, Malone has also been appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), a prestigious honor awarded by the Queen for services to music.

  • Annabelle Bomber

    I loved this show in the UK…can't wait to see it in the US.

  • Dale Latimer

    It didn't deserve to be on that close to SNL.

  • Jerry Callender

    DAMN – I've been waiting for a month for tonight!!! As recently as 6:45 this afternoon it was still on the schedule.

  • musicfan

    I was so looking forward to this show, So disappointed

  • dee

    Have been waiting to see this show since it was first advertised. Very disappointed it was not on.

    • Cassandra

      I agree, the network, only seems to show repeats of other shows all day, why not just slip it into one of those times. Doesn't make sense they advertise, promote, tease, then they pull it. Just don't get it.

  • Connie Coater-Sha

    ANGRY! I was wondering what happened to it.

  • glenng6

    I am really upset about this. This series was on once before, although it was about Gareth creating choirs in England, and it was fantastic. I hope USA puts this back on as soon as possible.

  • THRicks

    I was disappointed that it didn't air. Set my recorder just so I wouldn't miss it!

  • Fan

    Please get Gareth Malone on soon!

  • Karen

    I am heart broken; I went crazy trying to find Gareth Malone and the Choir. So disappointed.

  • LCox

    Been waiting and watching for months! I ‘m glad you are attempting to schedule it in a better time slot. It deserves to be seen. Gareth Malone is great and he accomplishes wonderful, inspiring things. Will keep watching . . . and waiting.

  • Phillygurl

    I have been waiting forever for this show since I watched the
    BBC show .
    I'll wait a bit longer if it means a better time slot!
    Just love Gareth Malone!

  • ibcooperb

    Looking forward to seeing Gareth's new show here in the US. Was disappointed not on yet. I really enjoyed his ‘It Takes A Choir’ program from the UK. I will be looking for it when USA shows it in 2014. Hope it's not to long of a wait.

  • Atoadaso

    Just another silly reality show, dressed up Hollywood style. Give us some quality programming, please.

  • Susie

    any news on “it takes a choir????”"