Vanilla Ice Reduced to Hawking Macaroni and Cheese (Video)

Vanilla Ice Reduced to Hawking Macaroni and Cheese (Video)

“Ice Ice Baby” rapper gets Kraft-y for latest gig

For anyone who's ever felt that Vanilla Ice is more than a little cheesy, here's your proof. Straight from the man himself.

Behold, former rap sensation Vanilla Ice, magically transformed by a green apron and apparently dwindling career options, shilling for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in an ad for the company's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-shaped variety.

The brief but bountiful parade of schadenfreude features the rapper (born Robert Van Winkle) as he stocks a supermarket's shelves with the product. (See, he's selling Kraft Macaroni & Cheese while portraying someone who sells Kraft Macaroni & Cheese! Hardcore meta, Ice.)

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A mother and child approach the aging rhymester, who hands the mother a box of the pasta. The soundtrack erupts with the strains of “Ninja Rap,” from Ice's appearance in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.” And the mother, clearly more familiar with the Vanilla Ice oeuvre, breaks into the most embarrassing dance since Elaine Benes rhythmically approximated an epileptic seizure on “Seinfeld.” Which, perhaps not so coincidentally, occurred at pretty much the same time  that the last iota of relevance drained from Vanilla Ice‘s career.

Hey, at least it's one of the more respected macaroni and cheese brands, right?

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Witness the pageant below.

  • costume

    Wow, you guys are really taking the whole “kick them while they're down” to a new level. What the hell did this guy do to you that causes such schandenfreude. I mean, I was never a fan either but damn, people gotta eat.

  • Salini

    Costume, I agree. Jeez, why the hate?. He's recovered from addiction and near death, as well as humiliation from everyone. He's happily married and loves his family, has a successful house rehab business and is supporting his wife and kids. What's the beef? Give him a break, he's just making a living. Better than being on some huge ego trip.

  • Berserker

    that's cool, good luck V-Ice !

  • joeangier

    A truly obnoxious article, and one that shows the writer's ignorance of how the music business works in 2014. The way things are going now, there are few bands – even the latest, most fashionable ones – that wouldn't kill for a chance to have one of their songs used in a TV ad. Whether we ever liked him or not, the fact that Vanilla Ice was hired to hawk a national product is a sign of success these days, not ignominy.

    • Mohammed Farooq

      Everybody chill out.from wot I see the guy is earning an honest crust.leave him be.

  • Chuck

    He must be getting paid well, for a TV commercial. The headline is deceptive, one would think it was a very low-level gig. At least Vanilla is working and paying taxes. He's way ahead of many, just doing that.

  • mattdog429

    Reduced too? Fuck you buddy

  • Barry Ray

    This writer has no idea how rich Ice is.