Whoopi Goldberg Finally Weighs in on Sharon Osbourne's Anti-'View’ Views: ‘Who Cares?’ (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg Finally Weighs in on Sharon Osbourne's Anti-'View' Views: 'Who Cares?' (Video)

Rival “Talk” host politely asked her and her co-workers to “go fuck themselves”

Whoopi Goldberg is the third “View” host to publicly comment on “Talk” host Sharon Osbourne's suggestion that everyone (except Barbara Walters) on the rival show could “go fuck themselves,” telling a paparazzo “who cares?”

Initially, Goldberg appeared not to know what the paparazzo, who cornered her in Times Square on her way into a waiting car, was talking about when he asked her how she “felt about Sharon.”

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“What did she — what about her?” Goldberg asked.

When the off-camera voice explained, Goldberg scoffed: “you think that's the first time that's happened?”

“Who cares?” she shrugged.

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While “The View” hasn't addressed Osbourne's comments on the show (and a spokeswoman for it declined to comment), Goldberg's co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy tweeted and talked to “Entertainment Tonight,” respectively, about them.

So far, no one from “The View” has sunk to Osbourne's level and fired shots back at her or her show, which still trails “The View” in the ratings.

Osbourne apologized for the comments, made during an appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” on her own show on Thursday, saying that she was “inappropriate” and “trying to be funny at somebody else's expense.”

Watch the video:

  • Honeybee60

    I think Sharon Osbourne wants Whoppie to whip that azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Seriously, anyone who would marry brain damaged, due to drugs, Ozzie Osbourne, should never be taken seriously!

    • Hope

      OMG!!!!! Seriously!!!!!! Sharon was joking around. That's the problem with people today, can't even take a joke. Whoopie apparently don't care. You need to grow up and quit talking about crap that you don't even know anything about.

    • Freedom

      And we should take that racist left wing liberal bitch called Whoopi Seriously? Based on Her name alone no one should take her seriously….She doesn't even know the difference between a Socialist Ideology and a Capitalistic One….She blindly supports Odummy just because he is black and doesn't have enough brains to know that his policies are killing this nation but she doesn't give a crap because her moneys already in the bank…Nothing more than a loud mouthed black woman from Hollywood who doesn't have a clue.

      • notcaringeither

        And you are ttacking Whoopi,why? Is it because she refused to take the paparazzi's bait or that she really does not care what other people say? And this is a bad thing?

        • Taelyn

          He is attacking Whoopi because he, or she is a Right wing Racist Repugnant. According to most Ass-wipes from the far right, People only support Obama because he is Black. And in truth Some may have indeed started out with that opinion because they wanted to be part of Change and equality that could make the DREAM of equality a Reality, coupled with the fact he is a Democrat and his policies benefit the poor and Middle Class..And while he was not my first choice, I voted for his Politics rather than his color…Nor do I blame him for the DISASTER he walked into, that was left behind by his republican predecessor.. Hopefully Ill get my first choice for POTUS in 2016

      • david95

        I stopped after “racist left wing liberal bitch”. Sorry, I hope the rest was as wortlhess as that part and i didn't miss anything good.

        BTW, I am no Whoppie fan, but I don't hate her because of her color either.

  • geminitwinworld

    its a given,whoopi has been in the game for a long time and is intelligent enough and has millions enough to laugh and move on,she could care less and she knows it feeds into the media if she replied back …you GO whoopi! finish your shopping just gimmie my dam check DAM STRAIGHT!

  • david95

    It's showbiz people. Enjoy the entertainment. That's all it is.

  • bella duparee

    Sorry..The View “sunk” to lower levels years ago. Don't be so quick as to praise old Whoopi, Sherri or The View yet! @DAVID 95..I completely agree with your assessment of Whoopi being a left wing liberal beetch. If you want to talk about bigots and discrimination/Whoopi and Sherri Shepard are prime example of why blacks still buy into their BS that the majority of whites discriminate against them. They are big time supporters/on the same page as t Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Instead of helping their people they choose to feed the “ignorant, uneducated, plain lazy ass black that they deserve welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing/the world owes them a living because THEIR ANCESTORS WERE BROUGHT OVER FROM AFRICA TO BE SLAVES! I DON'T HATE THESE TWO WOMEN, I HATE WHAT THEY STAND FOR AND THE HATE THEY SPEW on The View to encourage blacks to use their ancestors as “crutches” for any problems “they knowlingly choose to look for. @Honeybee60..Are you pretending to be stupid/ignorant? or are you really stupid and ignorant? Actually, I think you are BRAIN DEAD. At least Ozzie, with his past drug problems has never been on welfare, food stamps or section 8 housing. And both Sharon and Ozzie have raised two beautiful children in spite of his use of drugs.
    P. S. Trust me, old Whoopi is like a leopard hiding in the trees.. She will “spring” on her victims sooner or later/when the time is right for her. She will get her punches in. I don't think Osbourne owes them squat. JENNY AND SHERRI TALKED TO ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. The two Harvard Graduates/ha.