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10 Sharpest ‘Get Out’ Memes, From Scary Teacups to ‘the Sunken Place’

Laugh while reminding yourself why a cup of tea remains 2017’s most terrifying image

The Jordan Peele-directed “Get Out” has been rightly hailed as both a seminal discussion of race in America and as groundbreaking horror-satire.

Unsurprisingly, it’s been a goldmine for memes and other gags. Whether riffs on the Trump administration’s rocky relationship with minority groups, comments on current events, or simply jokes about Kanye west, “Get Out” has inspired some undeniable, and undeniably topical, hilarity.

Read on for a selection of some of the funniest and smartest jokes inspired by the hit film.

Needless to say, there are spoilers from here on out.

This one by @vickto_willy cuts right to the chase – and the film’s big reveal – while still referencing the sunken place.

Probably the funniest of all the #couchgate jokes, if you’ve seen “Get Out” you know it’s also one of the hardest-ever made about the Trump administration. Not that we’re complaining.

@Pusha_TeeWat pulls off a parody of probably 15 different Twitter accounts devoted to stills from classic movies, while managing to superficially sum up the plot “Get Out” and put it in historical context. Damn fine work, that.

The climax of “Get Out” reveals – just kidding, we won’t spoil that here. But suffice to say, the white family main character Chris Washington finds himself stuck with are very, very bad people.

For some wacky reason, this caused a lot of “Get Out” fans to think of Kanye West.

Here’s another (frankly incredible) Kayne/”Get Out” Riff by Jamar Logan.

@suiteplat reminds of when Van Jones inexplicably gave Trump’s SOTU speech a glowing review.

Here with a particularly spit take-worthy riff on the film’s sinister plot device is Jordan Peele’s real life wife, @chelseaperetti.

Those teacup jokes are all about the “sunken place,” a region of the – just kidding, not gonna spoil. But it looks kind of like this scene from the “Toy Story” series. (Credit: @juststeven5)

Two of the funniest, unsurprisingly, come from “Get Out” director Jordan Peele, like this riff on the “sunken place” and the 2017 Oscars.

And finally, this one also from Peele remains one of the best-ever reactions to Ben Carson’s description of captive slaves as “immigrants.”

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