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9 TV Shows We’re Dying to See Based on First Look Trailers

Upfronts 2015: TheWrap team picks the best of the buzziest new series debuting this season

With all of the shows for next season announced, there are a few standouts that have made us sit up and take notice.

Check out which new shows are on TheWrap’s radar as we eagerly await the fall.

Supergirl (CBS)
Not every super hero show has to be dark and gritty. Sometimes all you want is some fun brain candy, and “Supergirl” delivers just that.

Melissa Benoist plays Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El as she climbs her way up a media company helmed by Calista Flockhart in a role reminiscent of Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Executive produced by the Greg Berlanti, the king of teeny bop superhero shows on The CW, “Supergirl” could just be the badass female hero we’ve been hoping for. — Itay Hod

Scream Queens (Fox)
Uber producer Ryan Murphy is back with his special brand of crazy. His latest offering, “Scream Queens,” is a horror-comedy anthology series on Fox. The show centers on a sorority house rocked by a serial killer known as the Red Devil.

The show stars “American Horror Story’s” Emma Roberts as HBIC and real-life scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis as school dean. A mix of slasher horror and pop culture satire, the show seems like the perfect way to spend a Tuesday night. — Itay Hod

Limitless (CBS)
This series will no doubt benefit from Bradley Cooper‘s recurring role as Eddie Morra, the character he originated in the 2011 film of the same name. Based on the trailer, Cooper will play a prominent role in the pilot as he guides Brian (Jake McDorman) through the use of the brain-empowering drug NZT-48.

The premise should also provide fertile ground for action, as it will allow us to see what happens when multiple people taking NZT square off, something the film did not have a chance to explore in detail. After all, when multiple people with four digit IQ’s face each other, the possibilities are…limitless. — Joe Otterson

The Muppets (ABC)
Jim Henson’s lovable creations are coming back to primetime in what looks like a hilarious spin on modern life as seen through the eyes of your favorite Muppets like Kermit, Fozzie, and Miss Piggy.

The show, presented in a documentary style, promises to be a more adult-oriented look at the personal and professional relationships of the Muppets as they struggle to pull together their own new show. — Joe Otterson

Quantico (ABC)
The trailer makes it look a little like “Grey’s Anatomy” set at an FBI academy, but that sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? After all, the Shondaland show is still going strong 11 years later, and “Quantico” also has an added mystery element of one of the young, attractive would-be heroes actually being a secret terrorist. The cast is filled with potential breakout stars, led by Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, poised to break through to Hollywood here in her first lead role on network television. — Linda Ge

Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
As The Avengers have taught us, superheros on screen are at their best and most entertaining when they’re all together, forced to work as a team. The “Arrow”/”The Flash” spinoff brings back some fan-favorite characters, both villains and heroes, to fight an unseen foe and save the future. Throw in some time travel and it’s got all the ingredients to make another hour of entertaining television. — Linda Ge

The Grinder (Fox)
It was hard to say goodbye to Rob Lowe when he officially left NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” which ended up being shortly before everyone left NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” — so we’re just happy that he’s back on TV in a comedic role. The obnoxiously good-looking Lowe plays an obnoxiously good-looking (and just obnoxious) “I’m-not-an-attorney-I-just-play-one-on-TV” type on the upcoming Fox sitcom.

After his legal drama “The Grinder” comes to an end, Lowe’s character returns to his hometown to find himself actually trying his hand at actual lawyering. That should provide much comedic fodder when paired with on-screen actual attorney brother, played by Fred Savage. One more “actually”: All that said, we’re just actually excited that the guy behind Kevin Arnold is back in front of the camera, let’s be honest. — Tony Maglio

Heroes Reborn (NBC)
“Heroes” was a badass show when it first hit NBC in 2006 — and then it quickly just became a bad show. As a series with diehard fans, we won’t try to explain what happened — there is no shortage of message boards out there with strong opinions from well-versed viewers. But as re-booting is all the rage, NBC has a real opportunity to cash in on some not-too-old nostalgia with “Heroes: Reborn.”

The good news is that the new version will feature some fan-favorite characters, and the trailer looks pretty slick. As NBC starts to differentiate itself from the half-hour comedies that made it “must see” in the ’90s and haven’t worked well as of late, this sci-fi spin offers a nice glimpse into what could be the peacock’s future niche. Plus, super-powers! — Tony Maglio

Code Black (CBS)

Based on Ryan McGarry’s feature documentary of the same name, CBS’ “Code Black” is set in the busiest and most notorious ER in the nation – LA County Hospital – where the extraordinary staff confronts a broken system in order to protect their ideals and the patients who need them the most.

While all that sounds fascinating, we’re more interested in seeing Academy-Award winner Marcia Gay Harden in scrubs.–Itay Hod


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