‘MTV Movie & TV Awards’: Adam Devine Leads Lavish ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Number (Video)

Host took to the stage for a very hot performance… literally

The 2017 “MTV Movie & TV Awards” opened up with one of the most intricate, lavish numbers in the show’s history thanks to one of its biggest nominees.

Host Adam Devine took to the stage in full “beast” makeup to perform a medley of numbers from “Beauty and the Beast” about the pairing of TV and movies, which came together for the first time on MTV this year.

The stage looked like it was taken straight off the set of the blockbuster movie. Dancers in period garb were joined by Devine, who showed his footwork on a staircase.

Pyrotechnics made the production number even flashier, although they proved to be a hazard… when they lit the stage on fire. That’s okay because, as they say, the show must go on. And it did.

Devine didn’t do it alone. He brought in Josh Gad to sing a rendition of “Gaston” for Hugh Jackman, while Hailee Steinfeld revealed a Belle dress, and Rebel Wilson came onto the stage as Mrs. Potts.

Multiple actors from the audience made brief appearances, as well, such as Mike Coulter from “Luke Cage,” who stood up with Wolverine claws for a rendition of “Gaston” that was redone to rhyme with “Logan.”

You can watch part of the opening number above.