Adam Sandler Working on ‘Happy Gilmore’ Sequel, Drew Barrymore Says: ‘There Is a Process and That Process Is in Process’ | Video

The actress and daytime host texts her “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates” costar in preview of Friday’s show

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Will the price be wrong… Again?

In a preview clip from the Friday episode of her show, Drew Barrymore gave fans of Adam Sandler’s 1996 film “Happy Gilmore” some excellent news: A sequel is… a distinct possibility. After hitting up her “source” (read: Adam Sandler) by text, Barrymore told her studio audience of the possibility of “Happy Gilmore 2” that, “There is a process… and that process is in process.”

Barrymore kicked off the segment when she noted reports that indicate Sandler has recently written the first draft of a sequel script. “Are you kidding me?” she asked as her audience applauded. “I want it, I need it, and I stayed up late last night with my daughter watching ‘Billy Madison.’”

“And then I sent Sandler a video of that and then he sent me another video back, and I’m waiting to see if he’s confirming about the ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ script.”

Barrymore added that Christopher McDonald, who played bad guy Shooter McGavin in the original movie, told her that he’d seen Sandler’s script himself.

“He claims that Adam recently showed him a copy of the first draft to the sequel of ‘Happy Gilmore,’” she continued triumphantly. To find out more, Barrymore sent a selfie of herself with the show’s audience and asked him directly. “I’m a proper journalist,” she said. “I sent him pictures of all of us, you can see.”

In the next part of the clip, Barrymore picks up her phone and says, “This just in, I have breaking news. So, I’ll just say this, from my source, that it is in process. There is a process, and that process is in process.”

The original movie starred Sandler as the titular character, a would-be hockey player who finds out he’s great at golf and joins a pro tour to make enough money to save his grandmother’s home. In addition to McDonald, “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen and the late Carl Weathers also starred in the film.


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