Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov Gets Jesse Watters to Walk Back ‘Collapsing’ Biden Coalition Claims: ‘I’m About to Fire My Pollster’ | Video

“I have many spaghetti bridges to sell you,” Tarlov jokes as she points out the president’s uptick in support

Jessica Tarlov, the one Democrat on Fox News’ panel show “The Five,” got cohost Jesse Watters to admit on Thursday that he was looking at the wrong poll numbers for Biden.

After Watters mocked Biden for hiring new pollsters, he said, “His coalition is absolutely collapsing. He is tied with Hispanics. He’s tired with young voters and he’s only winning 68% of Blacks. That is an absolute catastrophe.”

Tarlov said that the most recent Real Clear Politics polls show Biden is now up one point ahead of Donald Trump, prompting Watters to say, “Uh oh. I’m about to fire my pollster.”

Given the new info from Tarlov, pro-Trump cohost Greg Gutfeld said, “I would put a pause on these ‘feel good’ stories that predict this premature demise of Joe Biden.”

C0host Dana Perino suggested that the new polling experts — who include Geoff Garin, Jefrey Pollock, Molly Murphy and Brenda Lee — were being brought in to replace the existing set because “[Biden doesn’t] like the polls that are coming out.”

Tarlov explained that the new pollsters are specialists and not replacements for the existing team. “The pollsters that he did bring in are specialists in certain areas where yes, the numbers have been soft, [but] not like what Jesse said. I have many spaghetti bridges to sell you,” she told Watters.

She added, “He’s bringing in pollsters who specialize in Latino voters and in Black voters. And I think that that’s smart strategy.”

She explained that the specialists will give Biden “a wider array of information. He’s going to have more people on his advisory team. And I think that that’s useful.”

Watch the full “The Five” segment in the video above.


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