Jesse Watters Has On-Air Gaffe While Slamming Biden’s Cognitive Ability | Video

The Fox News anchor fumbled his introduction for Kristi Noem moments after slamming the president’s memory

Jesse Watters
Fox News

Jesse Watters bungled Governor Kristi Noem’s home state, just after slamming Joe Biden for his mental acuity amid Thursday’s DOJ report release. 

Special Counsel Robert Hur issued a report on his investigation into President Biden’s classified material retention on Thursday, in which he cast doubt on Biden’s cognitive ability. The report concluded that Biden should not be criminally charged on this matter because he has a “poor memory.” 

Hur also pointed out that Biden couldn’t remember when he served as Vice President or when his son passed away. Hur said that Biden could be perceived by a jury as a sympathetic figure. 

After the report was released, Biden held a press conference at the White House, during which he confused Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for the president of Mexico. 

Fox News’ Jesse Watters slammed Biden’s gaffes saying he was “too emotional.”

The immediately, Watters made a gaffe of his own, introducing the South Dakota Governor as “South Carolina governor Kristi Noem.”

Noem did not correct Watters’ mistake. 

“And we’re gonna turn around some of the soundbites from that insane press conference we just witnessed where the president almost looked like he was going to jump across and hit somebody for asking him a question,” Watters continued.

“I think he is reserving a little something special for the Special Counsel Robert Hur who just said to the American people that the president has issues mentally, uh, hazy memory, and diminished faculties,” the Fox News anchor added. 


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