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Adele ‘Bitch’ Slaps Jimmy Fallon in Box of Lies Game (Video)

The “Hello” singer stops by “The Tonight Show” for a revealing new round of his ongoing fibbing contest

Chart-topping songstress Adele stopped by “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” on Monday for another round of “Box of Lies” — and became quite upset at the outcome.

The “Hello” singer started by trying to persuade Fallon that a T-Rex toy dressed as a cowboy, with boots, a hat and red bandana was actually a Tyrannosaurus rex dressed like a fairy.

But the late-night host guessed correctly that she was fibbing.

Fallon also spun out a whopper of a lie to describe his object, which was actually an electronic Simon game, with four fake noses glued onto the colorful panels.

“A G.I. Joe doll but made into a Santa Claus, and thrown at him maybe is a candy cane Chinese star that is going to maybe hurt Santa but we shall see,” Fallon said.

For the tie-breaking box, Adele pulled a stuffed giraffe with three donuts around its neck. Which is precisely what she told Fallon was in her box.

Fallon guessed correctly that she was telling the truth, prompting the singer to reply, “Bitch.”

Watch the video above. She also performed her new single, “Water Under the Bridge” (below).