‘Agatha All Along’ Cast Guide: Who’s In Marvel’s Next TV Series? | Photos

Kathryn Hahn, Aubrey Plaza and more star in the spooky series

Kathyrn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in "Agatha all Along"
Kathyrn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in "Agatha all Along" (Disney+)

There’s very little we know for sure about Marvel’s next TV series, beyond the fact that, well, it’s been Agatha all along.

The aptly named “Agatha All Along” is centered on Kathryn Hahn’s character from “WandaVision” and is indeed named for the catchy tune she sang in that series. The show will follow Agatha as she works to not only get her powers back after Wanda’s spell left her trapped in a TV character persona, but also builds her own coven.

Here’s who we know for sure might be in or associated with that coven in the “Agatha All Along” cast ahead of the show’s Sept. 18 premiere on Disney+.


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