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Amazon Viewer’s Choice Pilot Season Kicks Off: ‘Zombieland’ Series,’ ‘Onion News Empire’

Audience ratings and reviews will determine which of Amazon's 14 pilots are ordered to series

Amazon made 14 of its original pilots available on Friday for audiences to watch for free and decide whether or not more episodes go into production.

"Zombieland: The Series," "Onion News Empire," "Those Who Can't," and "Supanatural" are among the eight comedy series in contention for regular episodes, with six other pilots aimed at children also available.

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Amazon Instant Video is currently offering all of the pilots for free and telling viewers "you help decide which shows become series."

In a shift from a traditional television model, Amazon will order the pilots to series based on the feedback viewers give through a 5-star rating system, accompanied by an opportunity to write a review.

So far, "Zombieland" — the series based on the 2009 movie of the same name, with four fresh faces replacing Woody Harrelson and crew — has garnered a majority of 1-star ratings and bad reviews.

"Great opening, but it fell apart by the end," one comment reads, while others quip "missing something," "not funny," and "Netflix is in no danger."

The pilot, written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick — the duo behind the movie's screenplay — does have a few fans proclaiming they "loved it." However, with just 25 positive reviews out of a total of 73 (as of the moment this was written), the future of "Zombieland" looks as dark as its humor.

"Alpha House," which stars John Goodman as one of four senators living together in a rented house in Washington D.C., "Browsers," "Betas," and "Dark Minions" are among the remaining comedies looking for enough 5-star ratings to be ordered to series.

Pending viewer approval, full seasons will become available on Amazon's subscription service, Amazon Prime, and on Amazon-owned Lovefilm in the U.K., while Amazon Instant Video users can also order episodes al la carte.