Amy Schumer Interrupts Comedian to Practice Her ‘SNL’ Monologue, and He’s Cool With It

“I thought it was awesome,” Brendan Sagalow says

Comedian Brendan Sagalow is not mad at Amy Schumer.

During his headlining set Tuesday at Carolines on Broadway comedy club in Manhattan, Schumer interrupted Sagalow to ask if she could hop onto the stage. She wanted to practice her monologue for “Saturday Night Live,” which she is hosting on Saturday.

“I’m five minutes into my set, I’m doing some crowd work … and then from off to the side, I hear, ‘Hey Brendan! It’s Amy Schumer! Can I do 10 minutes?’ in the middle of my set,” Sagalow said on his podcast Wednesday. “I look over and it’s Amy, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, of course!’ I had no other reaction.”

Although friends told Sagalow it was rude for Schumer to interrupt his set, Sagalow sees positives.

“I’m like, ‘This is a good thing! This is a great thing!’ Everybody thinks I’m friends with Amy, she knows my name, she said she follows me on Instagram, which she mentioned. She said she ‘loves Brendan as a comic.’ She doesn’t. You put the quarter in, you play the game,” he continued.

“I thought it was awesome, because everybody else’s headlining set at Carolines, nobody talks about it,” he said.

He also joked that maybe someday Schumer would take him on the road as her opening act, or cast him in “I Feel Pretty 5,” an eventual sequel to her comedy that is now in theaters.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” staffer Charlotte Gilbert posted a photo of the incident on Instagram, below.

A rep for Schumer did not immediately reply to TheWrap’s request for comment.