‘Aquaman’ Makes Huge Splash at Chinese Box Office With $93 Million Opening

DC’s latest has already eclipsed the entire Chinese run of “Wonder Woman”

Aquaman final trailer Amazon Prime
Warner Bros.

Two weeks before it arrives in the U.S., Warner Bros./DC’s “Aquaman” has already had a humongous opening in China, earning $93.6 million and accounting for 85 percent of all box office business in the Asian market this weekend.

It’s a watershed moment for WB, as “Aquaman” has set a new studio record for Chinese openings that’s 66 percent ahead of the previous record set by “Ready Player One” earlier this year. It’s also the biggest December opening ever in China box office history.

And Aquaman’s arrival in Chinese theaters dwarfs those of his DC comrades and Marvel counterparts. This opening weekend is 92 percent higher than the Chinese opening for “Justice League,” the film that marked Aquaman’s cinematic debut, and is 56 percent higher than the Chinese opening for “Black Panther.” It has also eclipsed the entire Chinese total of “Wonder Woman,” which opened there with $37.6 million and completed its theatrical run with $90.4 million.

While the rapid growth of the Chinese movie theater industry makes it easier for major blockbusters to break box office records, “Aquaman” has broken them by a margin that shows incredible interest and strong word of mouth in the Justice League’s marine member. The film next opens in 40 more international markets before arriving in the U.S. on Dec. 21. Independent trackers are predicting a $100 million-plus five-day domestic opening for “Aquaman,” allowing it to easily top the charts on Christmas weekend.