Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito Stare Down ‘Batman’ Nemesis Michael Keaton at the Oscars: ‘We’ll See You at the Governors Ball!’

“You have a lot of nerve to show your face tonight,” Schwarzenegger tells Keaton at the 96th Academy Awards

Arnold Danny DeVito Michael Keaton
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito stare down Michael Keaton at the Oscars (Credit: Getty Images/ABC)

It was a Batman villains reunion on the Oscars stage Sunday night as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito stared down former caped crusader Michael Keaton in the audience.

While presenting, DeVito, who played the Penguin in 1992’s “Batman Returns,” pointed to Keaton in the audience and said, “There he is! He’s right here!”

“You have a lot of nerve to show your face tonight,” Schwarzenegger, who played Mr. Freeze in 1997’s “Batman & Robin,” added.

Keaton, sporting a very dapper cravat that would make Bruce Wayne proud, played along and motioned to both, “Bring it on!”

The playful bit ended with DeVito warning Keaton, “We’ll see you at the Governors Ball!”

Will Batman be able to handle both the Penguin and Mr. Freeze at the after party? Tune in Monday morning to find out.

In the meantime, Keaton can currently be seen as the Dark Knight in 2023’s “The Flash,” which TheWrap first reported when he was cast.

The actor previously explained to Backstage’s “In the Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast” why he walked away from the role, despite being asked to return for a third film.

Keaton admitted that his interest in the role was more about the man, not the superhero. He said, “It was always Bruce Wayne. It was never Batman. To me, I know the name of the movie is Batman, and it’s hugely iconic and very cool and [culturally] iconic and, because of Tim Burton, artistically iconic.”


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