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‘Revenant’ Producer Arnon Milchan Alleged to Have Lobbied John Kerry For Visa Through Israeli PM

Producer gifts to Netanyahu emerged in Israeli Government Bribery Investigation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly lobbied U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to renew friend Arnon Milchan’s visa, according to a report by Channel 10 in Bibi’s home country.

Milchan (pictured above) is a Hollywood heavyweight, the New Regency owner behind “The Revenant,” “12 Years a Slave,” “The Big Short” and “Pretty Woman,” among other hit films.

The Jerusalem Post summarized the cable net’s report of the purported 2014 incident: “After U.S. authorities learned that Arnon Milchan was involved in alleged unspecified nuclear dealings, Milchan’s visa had to be renewed. The Israeli businessman then turned to Netanyahu for help, with the latter contacting Kerry to request assistance on Milchan’s behalf.”

Apparently, that worked — though perhaps not on the first try.

“Netanyahu spoke with Kerry three times on the subject in 2014, asking that he help the Israeli businessman with the visa process,” the Post continued. “The report claims that Kerry agreed to help Milchan and that the businessman’s visa was renewed for an additional 10 years.”

Netanyahu is already being investigated in his homeland for accepting bribes. Milchan’s name has come up as one of the primary people who may have provided unauthorized gifts in return for political favors. He’s accused of giving Netanyahu expensive cigars and alcohol.

The Israeli Police have questioned Netanyahu twice this week — the politician has denied any wrongdoing. If charges arise from the investigation, he could face multiple felonies, including violating the public trust.

Netanyahu’s attorney, Yaakov Weinrot, has shrugged off the gifts given to his client by Milchan.

“There’s nothing wrong in receiving cigars as a gift from a friend,” Weinrot said. “Every person with a bit of common sense can understand that if an acquaintance or a close friend brings a friend cigars, there is and there cannot be anything wrong with it and it is certainly not a criminal felony.”