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Roger Ailes Accused of Sexual Harassment in New Lawsuit

Reporter claims that Former Fox News CEO didn’t hire her because he didn’t think she would ”put out“

Roger Ailes might be out at Fox, but the accusations of sexual misconduct keep coming.

Former Fox News CEO Ailes has been accused of sexual harassment again in a lawsuit filed Monday by Fox 5 reporter Lidia Curanaj, who claims that Ailes didn’t give her a job with Fox News Channel because he believed she wouldn’t have sex with him.

The suit, filed in federal court in New York on Monday, alleges that Curanaj was subjected to discrimination at Fox5 in New York, and harassment when she was interviewed by Ailes (who is not a defendant in the lawsuit) for a position with Fox News Channel.

Curanaj alleges that, during the interview, Ailes told her to stand up and turn around.

“Ailes leered at her and commented, ‘I like what I see,'” the lawsuit reads.

The suit claims that, after the interview, Ailes quizzed New York State Senator Gregory Ball, who had dated Curanaj, about “whether Ms.Curanaj ‘put out’ sexually.”

“To be clear, Ailes also asked Senator Ball, ‘how’s the sex,’ in reference to Ms.Curanaj,” the suit reads.

After being told by Ball that Curanaj is a “very nice girl,” the suit contends, Ailes “determined that she would not submit to him sexually” and opted not to hire her.

“Ailes never said that he was dissatisfied with her abilities or qualifications, nor did he suggest that this was the reason she was ‘not ready,'” the lawsuit reads.

A Fox Television Stations spokesperson told TheWrap in a statement, “We do not think the plaintiff’s claims have merit, and we intend to defend vigorously.”

Alleging discrimination,retaliation and numerous other counts, Curanaj is seeking unspecified damages.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.