Behind Jeff Bezos’ Failed Plan to Create Amazon’s Own ‘Game of Thrones’ | Video

Unhappy with Amazon’s TV slate, Bezos outlined a 13-point checklist of content themes for his executives to follow, author Brad Stone tells TheWrap

Being one of the most powerful companies on the planet wasn’t enough for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: He also wanted a bona fide hit TV series to call his own. The problem for Bezos, though, was Amazon’s shows weren’t cutting it.

As “Amazon Unbound” author Brad Stone told TheWrap during a recent interview, Bezos decided to take matters into his own hands. Back in late 2016 and early 2017, Bezos made it his mission to help Amazon Studios develop its own “Game of Thrones”; Amazon’s “Man in the High Castle,” as Stone explained, wasn’t Bezos’ cup of tea.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • • @SeanB44