Benedict Cumberbatch Is Alive and Relatively Well in ‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Interactive Trailer (Video)

For those less-inclined to really cool extras, we also posted the standard version below

Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sherlock Holmes is alive, and he needs to get reacquainted with London in the Season 3 launch trailer for BBC One’s “Sherlock.”

As the titular, legendary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character, Cumberbatch learns that his beloved sidekick, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), is no longer on Baker Street — after all, it has been two years since the master detective faked his own death. His dear Watson has “moved on” — a ludicrous premise to the self-absorbed Holmes.

The new trailer warns viewers — and Holmes — that a terroristic attack is imminent, but its real beauty lies in the optional interactivity. At several different points in the 60-second teaser, viewers can click through a prompt for additional content from the upcoming season.

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For example, click on “Get To Know London Again” and you’ll see Holmes working a case as a Cumberbatch voiceover explains the detective’s thought process: “London is like a great cesspool into which all kinds of criminals, agents and drifters are irresistibly drained,” he laments. “Sometimes it’s not a question of ‘Who?’ — it’s a question of ‘Who knows?’”

“Sherlock” returns to BBC One on New Years Day. The series lands on U.S. soil Jan. 19 via PBS.

Watch the video, and play around with the interactive trailer below it: