Bill Maher Warns Democrats Are Headed for 2022 Defeat Because ‘Nobody Likes a Snob’ (Video)

“I’m like Deep Throat because the way this party is running for office is making me gag,” the “Real Time” host says

Bill Maher had a few – quite a few, in fact – choice words for Democrats on Friday night about the direction the party is heading ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections. His words of warning: “Nobody likes a snob.”

Fearing that the Democrats would lose badly in next year’s congressional contests, the “Real Time” host laid it on thick, urging the party to stop “licking their wounds” over recent election losses and “to do something about it” now.

“I will tonight once again break out my coach hat and try to point the Democrats in the right direction,” he said, whipping out a baseball cap with an embroidered Dem logo on it. “That’s all I can do, point you in the right direction. I’m like Deep Throat because the way this party is running for office is making me gag.”

Maher said Democrats lost so badly in the recent Virginia gubernatorial election because “liberals think this country is full of dumb white people,” that Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win of the governorship “proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon,” that “racism still works in Virginia,” and that “it’s not the messaging folks, this country simply still loves white supremacy.” 

To counter that, Maher suggested what he thinks is the perfect Democratic campaign slogan for 2024. “I tell you what I have ruled out is, ‘Vote Democrat because white people suck.’”

“It’s like trying to get laid by saying, ‘You’re ugly; you want to dance?’ You’re alienating a whole lot of people, particularly whites without a college degree which is most of them in a country that’s still 70% white.”

The HBO host continued: “To a lot of folks in America, you come across as the ‘cares about everybody but me party.’ And it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Maher urged the party to focus on its recent successes. “This month, when the Democrats finally passed their big trillion-dollar bill to rebuild our roads and bridges,” he said. “Six Democrats voted no because it didn’t go far enough to address climate change, which I’m sure is true. What does? But this was free money from the federal government that would actually improve their constituents’ lives. I can see a voter saying, ‘You know, squad, I agree with you on climate change but as long as it is happening, we also need money for getting the water pumped out of the subway. Can we do that before we build the workers’ paradise?’”

Maher asked why the party that supports so many issues that benefit the middle class is still considered “out of touch”? “In plain English,” he answered, “nobody likes a snob.”

You can watch the entire segment in the clip at the top, which also includes has him chiming in about AOC.