Maher Shows Off the Crummy Products Sold Because of Supply Chain Problems (Video)

It’s not that bad a problem

For the mid-show gag on Friday’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher drew inspiration from the current supply chain issues to imagine a series of crummy products being sold in stories because the real thing hasn’t arrived yet.

Before we get to the gag, in case you’re wondering, the problem with the global supply chain — that’s why all your mail is taking so long and why certain items aren’t in stores — isn’t the fault of the current president. It’s a direct result of the worldwide problems stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Border closings, production shutdowns and harsh recessions, followed by a massive spike in consumer demand for things that can be delivered. Read more about this perfect storm of inconvenience here.

Ok, back to Maher. He joked that “the people,” meaning stores, “they’re trying to pull a fast one.” By which he meant, they’re selling cheap knock offs of real products. So then the gag began, with Maher bringing up some of the (fake) products.

They were:

“Neveready” batteries, obviously a parody of Eveready.

“Mr. Clean Enough,” a parody of “Mr. Clean” cleaning supplies.

“Brawny paper condoms,” which in addition to being a parody of Brawny paper towels would also be a thing no one should ever ever use.

“Chef Cardi B’s Wet Ass Pasta,” a parody of Chef Boyardee and of course a reference to one of the best rap singles of recent memory.

“Kraft Macaroni and your guess is as good as mine,” which I probably don’t need to explain.

“Jimmy Hoffa pure pork sausage,” a parody of Jimmy Dean sausage that also references the mysterious death of mob-connected union boss Jimmy Hoffa back in 1982.

“Lucky Carbs,” a parody of Lucky Charms cereal.

“Mrs. Paul’s Fish Dicks,” again, probably don’t have to have this one explained.

Watch the whole clip above.