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Bill O’Reilly Predicts CNN and NBC Will Abandon Hillary Clinton Projects (Video)

The Fox News host thinks both networks will ultimately fold — because they don't need the heat

Bill O’Reilly believes the Republican National Convention has good reason to be upset over Hillary Clinton projects in development at CNN and NBC — and he thinks they’ll prevail.

“I’m going to predict that neither movie is going to get made before 2016. I don’t think it’s going to happen,” O’Reilly said during his Fox News program on Monday. “It’s way too hot.”

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Although O’Reilly noted that both projects — CNN’s documentary and NBC’s miniseries — could potentially boost their respective networks’ struggling ratings, he doesn’t think it’s worth the controversy.

“CNN is trying to come back from ratings Armageddon. They’re trying to build up their shop over there. They don’t need this,” O’Reilly said. “NBC’s already labeled a far-left network. They already have problems in there.”

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The RNC unanimously voted Friday in favor of banning CNN and NBC from hosting Republican presidential primary debates in 2016.

While O’Reilly didn’t appear to concerned that the Clinton projects pose any actual threat to the Republican party, his guest — Fox News analyst Juan Williams — wondered why other political parties aren’t outraged over the “free advertising” Clinton could receive on CNN and NBC.  

“Why aren’t Democrats screaming about this advertising bonanza for Hillary Clinton?” Williams asked. “If you’re Joe Biden, if you’re anybody — Andrew Cuomo or Martin O’Mailly, the governors of New York and Maryland thinking about running — why wouldn’t they say, ‘This isn’t right!'”

Watch the conversation unfold, below: