Bill O’Reilly Rips US Media as ‘a Real Threat’: ‘Undermining America’s Security’

The former Fox News host says the “hate Trump” media is rooting for the president’s summit with North Korea to fail

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly ripped his former industry colleagues on Tuesday, calling the media a “threat” to the United States and accused it of “undermining America’s security.”

“Some Americans understand how the press is actually undermining America’s security and prosperity by hating Trump, but most do not. The media has become a real threat to we the people,” said the former Fox News host.

In an additional tweet, O’Reilly clarified his statement, saying that his primary target was “hate Trump” media members who were trying to derail the president’s upcoming summit with North Korea.

“If the North Korean dictator meets with President Trump next month and agrees to shut down his nuclear weapons program, the Trump administration wins big. Thus, the hate Trump forces must undermine the meeting and world security be damned,” said O’Reilly.

Once the king of cable news, O’Reilly was fired by Fox News after a series of sexual misconduct scandals and multimillion-dollar settlements. O’Reilly has maintained his innocence and insists that any payments made were only done so to spare his family the pain and embarrassment of litigation.

Still, O’Reilly has still maintained a public profile, continuing to write books with his longtime collaborator Martin Dugard and hosting his own content on You can also still see him on Fox News, where his name appears in the credits for his old series “Legends and Lies” as an executive producer.

In recent months, reports have surfaced that O’Reilly plans on signing with a Fox News competitor, with Newsmax or Sinclair being the most likely contenders.

In a statement to TheWrap last week, O’Reilly declined to rule anything out, noting that “I speak with many people.”