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Billy Idol, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Remix ‘Dancing With Myself’ Using a Food Processor (Video)

If they had the chance, they’d ask ”you all“ to dance, but…

Last Updated: May 22, 2020 @ 8:11 AM

On the floors of your own home, down in your basement’s makeshift a-go-go, with your own iTunes selection and the bathroom mirror’s reflection you’ll be dancin’ with yourself to Jimmy Fallon and The Roots remixed version of Billy Idol’s classic “Dancing With Myself,” which was made using random at-home instruments, like a food processor, and with an assist from Mr. Idol himself.

On Thursday’s “Tonight Show Show: At Home Edition,” Fallon and the Roots picked up whatever they have lying around their houses that could make a good beat (pot leads, bowls, tongs, spatulas, ladles, food processor, plastic bottle, etc.) and got on a Zoom conference call to rock out with Idol on vocals.

The result, which you can view via the video above, is a pretty spectacularly synchronized performance of “Dancing With Myself,” which is intercut with clips of “Tonight Show” viewers dancing with themselves at home during quarantine.

And yes, if Idol had the chance, he’d “ask you all to dance,” but…

See below for the full list of at-home instruments used in the performance.

Billy Idol – Vocals
Jimmy – Vocals
Questlove – Pot Lids, Bowl, Tongs, Spatula
Black Thought – Food Processor/Spatula
James Poysner – Melodica
Kirk – Guitar
Mark – Bass
Kamal Gray – Ladle/Spoons/Plastic Top
Damon – Clapping
Stro – Wooden Spoon/Pot Lid/Plastic Bottle
Ian Hendrickson-Smith – Wooden Spoon/Cardboard
Dave Guy – Wooden Spoon/Plastic Container

Watch the innovative performance above.