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Brit Hume Tweets Not One, But Two Screenshots With ‘Sexy Vixen Vinyl’ Tab Open in Browser

The Fox News political analyst slipped up while posting about presidential election odds

Brit Hume might want to remember to close out his tabs before posting screenshots of his personal web browser to Twitter.

The Fox News senior political analyst accidentally revealed to the world his web searches when he posted a screenshot of betting odds that showed former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders as the front-runner to win the Democratic primary.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that above the open browser, there is a tab open that reads “Sexy Vixen Vinyl.”

Hume has since deleted Tuesday’s tweet, but it was captured for posterity by one clever Twitter user, who also took the liberty of finding the exact web page Hume had open in said tab.

This isn’t even the first time Hume has made this mistake. On Sunday, the television personality tweeted a similar screenshot of his browser showing betting odds that favored Sanders — with the very same “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” tab open. At the time of this posting Tuesday, that March 1 tweet is still up for your viewing pleasure:

Not to kink shame anyone, but while Hume is at it, he could probably stand to clear out his search history, too. Luckily, his other browser tabs seem more suitable for work, including the bank SunTrust Online, and “coronavirus.” Best of luck to him in all of his vixenly endeavors.