Broadcast TV’s 10 p.m. Slot Isn’t ‘Malibu Real Estate’ Anymore – And It Won’t Be Missed

Former network heads tell TheWrap that getting rid of the once significant primetime hour is possibly the best way forward for broadcasters

Despite new CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach’s emphatic declaration on Thursday that “broadcast is not dead,” the industry has largely shifted its focus to streaming. And it’s looking more likely than ever that NBC will give its 10 p.m. hour of programming back to its affiliates, an idea that was first teased in August.

Back in NBC’s “Must See TV” heyday of the 1990s, network president Warren Littlefield and most other industry execs thought of the 10 p.m. slot as “Malibu real estate,” valuable territory that no one in their right mind would want to give up. “But that was 30 years ago,” Littlefield told TheWrap in a recent interview.

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