What NBC Ditching the 10 PM Hour Could Mean – for Local Stations, Fans and Broadcast TV’s Future

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In an effort to curb costs amid the reality of streaming competition, the network is considering shaking up primetime in a big way

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What are the ramifications of NBC handing the 10 p.m. hour to its affiliates? (NBC)

If NBC follows through on a proposal to ax its primetime programming at 10 p.m., an idea first floated last week, the move would be a dramatic concession to market realities that could reshape the broadcast industry amid the hard reality of streaming’s growing dominance.

“By taking out 10 o’clock, you’re starting to put a very big wave in the middle of your ecosystem,” Brian Frons, digital analyst and former president of ABC Daytime, told TheWrap.

Despite successful scripted series such as “New Amsterdam” and prolific producer Dick Wolf’s roster of reliable “Law & Order” and “Chicago” franchise series currently stationed in the 10 p.m.