Fox News Fires Bill O’Reilly Accuser’s Brother John Huddy

Network says the decision was made following “a thorough investigation into a physical altercation earlier this month”

Fox News Channel has fired correspondent John Huddy. Huddy, a Jerusalem-based reporter, was also the brother of  Juliet Huddy, a former Fox News analyst who sued Bill O’Reilly. for sexual harassment.

“Following a thorough investigation into a physical altercation earlier this month, Fox News made the decision to sever ties with Jerusalem-based correspondent John Huddy,” the network told TheWrap in a statement Monday. “The network’s investigation concluded last week, and due to observation of the Sabbath on Friday, terminated Huddy’s employment this morning.”

Earlier Monday, Juliet Huddy appeared on NBC with Megyn Kelly to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace. O’Reilly settled with her for an undisclosed sum in return for a non-disclosure agreement, but Kelly took a number of ferocious shots at the O’Reilly and her former employers — which included a warning about the “vindictiveness” of Fox News communications czar Irena Briganti

“At Fox News the media relations chief Irena Briganti, is known for her vindictiveness,” she said. “To this day she pushes negative articles on certain Ailes accusers … It gives me no pleasure to report such news about my former employer.”

Nathaniel Brown, SVP for 21st Century Fox, stood by Briganti in a terse statement to TheWrap: “Irena is a valued colleague and she has our full support.”