BuzzFeed Channeling Inner-Oprah: You Get a Watch, You Get a Watch!

Viral video site’s CEO tells staff if the site passes 200 million unique visitors and 750 million video views in the same month, all employees will get an Apple Watch

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Forget traffic bonuses in cold hard cash–BuzzFeed is tapping into the iEverything generation to incentivize and thank staffers.

Capital New York reported CEO Jonah Peretti recently announced to staff that the company passed $100 million in revenue for 2014 in an email sent over to the weekend.

Peretti also promises staffers some shiny new schwag if the company does even better.

Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 5:31 PM

Subject: Apple Watch

To: employees

BuzzFeed has a tradition of celebrating milestones and I’m excited to explain how we’ll celebrate the next one.

Earlier this year we passed $100 million in revenue for the year. This is a huge milestone and amazing accomplishment!

Now we are in striking distance of two other huge metrics: 1) The BuzzFeed site is poised to pass 200 million monthly unique visitors for a calendar month 2) BuzzFeed Motion Pictures is close to 750 million views in a calendar month

If we hit 200 million UVs and 750 million video views, on the *same* month, we will celebrate by buying all BuzzFeed employees worldwide an Apple Watch.

It might happen this month, it might take a few months, but if we keep pushing hard and doing great work it won’t be long before we can all synchronize our heart beats.

Happy Thanksgiving,


In 2014, BuzzFeed has bolstered its news vertical, video operations, and raised $50 million in new funding over the summer for expansion and a motion picture division.