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CBS News’ Lara Logan Released From Egyptian Military Custody

Less chaos in Cairo: Live TV footage resumes; army presence in Tahrir Square

CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan and her crew have been released from Egyptian military custody.

Logan and two other journalists are heading back to the U.S., Chris Isham, the network's D.C. bureau chief, wrote in a memo published by TVNewser:

Lara, Don and Max were released from Egyptian military custody early this morning and are now enroute back to Washington via London. They are scheduled to arrive at Dulles this evening.

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On Thursday, Logan was reportedly marched back to her hotel at gunpoint when she and a crew were taking pictures of protests. They were eventually detained by Egyptian police outside Cairo's Israeli embassy.

CBS said late Thursday that "for security reasons CBS will not be commenting on, or revealing in any way, CBS personnel activity, movement or location."

Meanwhile, the situation in Cairo appears, for the moment, to have stabilized a bit. Live television coverage of the protests, which had been suspended by CNN and others on Thursday, has resumed. And MSNBC reported that the army presence in Cairo's Tahrir Square has kept Friday's protests there relatively peaceful and under control.

But the chaos and attacks against journalists on Wednesday and Thursday are still fresh in the media's mind.

On Thursday's "Nightline," an ABC News producer described how a pro-Mubarak supporter threatened to behead him.

“He was so angry at the perceived media bias,” said correspondent/producer Brian Hartman of one of his attackers. “He said so help me God, I will cut off your head.”