Cecily Strong Wins Praise for Pro-Abortion Rights ‘SNL’ Segment: ‘Holy S–. And Bravo, Woman’

“This is wonderful, joyful, and powerful,” activist Renee Bracey Sherman writes

Cecily Strong got very real with viewers during a Weekend Update segment “Saturday Night Live” this week, bringing light to what women go through when it comes to having an abortion – and she did all of that while dressed as a clown. Her candor left fans cheering.

During the segment, Strong appeared as Goober the clown, who had an abortion when she was 23. Goober said she didn’t actually want to talk about her abortion but felt like she needed to. As she went on, it became increasingly clear that Strong was basically being autobiographical, telling Jost that this was “her truth.”

“I know I wouldn’t be a clown on TV here today if it weren’t for the abortion I had the day before my 23rd birthday,” she shared. “Clowns have been helping each other end their pregnancies since the caves. It’s going to happen so it ought to be safe, legal and accessible. Not back to the alley. The last thing anyone wants is a bunch of dead clowns in a dark alley.”

With that, fans applauded Strong’s bravery, along with her directness.

“WOW. I think Cecily Strong just made one of the most bravely personal admissions and appeals ever, couched as a clown gag on @nbcsnl SNL’s Weekend Update,” one person tweeted. “Holy s—. And bravo, woman.”

Renee Bracey Sherman, a long-time reproductive rights activist, also showed Strong some love on Twitter, keying in on her note that talking about the matter can be hard.

“This is wonderful, joyful, and powerful,” Sherman wrote. “For some people, sharing our abortion stories isn’t the easiest thing—especially over and over and over again. I appreciate the humor and truth that she conveys about her abortion story and journey. Thank you Cecily Strong.”

You can watch the full sketch here, and check out more responses to Strong’s story below.