Charlie Hebdo Cover Portraying Harvey Victims as Neo-Nazis Shocks Twitter: ‘Evil’ (Photo)

Twitter users express outrage at the French magazine

The most recent cover of French magazine Charlie Hebdo mocks victims of Hurricane Harvey with art of neo-Nazis drowning and text that translates to, “God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas.”

The cover features an image of swastika flags and arms in the Nazi salute being submerged in rainwater. The hurricane and massive flooding in the Houston area has killed at least 31 people and left thousands stranded.

The typically controversial satire magazine was the victim of a terror attack in 2015 when a gunman opened fire on the staff for mocking Prophet Mohammed. The terrorists with Al-Qaeda tied killed 12 of the magazine’s staffers.

The cover is presumably poking fun at the tragic events in Charlottesville earlier this month when violence erupted at a White Supremacy rally, killing three people. Users quickly rushed to Twitter to criticize the cover, with many people noting that the magazine has the right to print whatever it wants.

“Free speech is wonderful isn’t it, Charlie Hebdo? You have every right to publish this, and I have every right to call you a piece of s–t,” one user wrote.

Another person tweeted, “You know why I love this picture of Charlie Hebdo? Because nobody will murder them over it. That is why western culture is superior to Islam”

Check out some of the reactions: