Chelsea Handler Roasts Critics of Dolly Parton’s NFL Show: ‘Listen Up, You F–king Wingnut!’ | Video

“The fact that she is on that stage at all is a gift to everyone who sees her,” the comedian proclaims

Chelsea Handler and Dolly Parton
Chelsea Handler and Dolly Parton (Credit: Getty Images)

Chelsea Handler had several choice words Wednesday for anyone criticizing Dolly Parton’s NFL performance at the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Commanders game over Thanksgiving.

“Listen up, you f–king wingnut,” Handler opened an Instagram reel reacting to tweets attacking Parton’s halftime show and costume. “Dolly Parton is an American treasure and the fact that she is on that stage at all is a gift to everyone who sees her,” she added.

The tweet in question criticized Parton for not acting her age, which read, “77-year-old women shouldn’t be on stage pretending they’re 20. They should be at home, spending time with loved ones and family.”

Handler slammed the “bullsh-t on the internet” after she was “just dreaming about one day being half the woman Dolly Parton is kicking ass on stage in front of millions of viewers.”

“In fact, saying anything negative about Dolly Parton is anti-American. Quite frankly, there are two people in this country that no one is allowed to talk shit about,” Handler continued. “And their names are Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton.”

The comedian and actress went on to list all of Parton’s accomplishments and ways she has benefited the world, including how she invested royalties from Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” into Nashville’s Black community, funded COVID research, donated over 200 million books to children nationwide and covered the education for most of her entire family. Handler took time to specifically mention Parton’s bald eagle sanctuary.

“To quote a reply to the initial post, ‘Dolly has done more for humanity in any single day of her life than you will do over the entirety of yours,’” Handler concluded. “And as a woman that plans on being proudly tits out well into my 90s, I have one message: We are only getting older and hotter so f–king deal with it.”

Watch the video in the Instagram embed above.


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