Chris Hayes Says Donald Trump Attacks Only Boosted Megyn Kelly’s Career (Video)

Of course, “I’m not sure her career needed any helping,” the MSNBC host tells TheWrap’s Brian Flood in the latest episode of Drinking With the Stars

Donald Trump’s attacks on Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly probably helped her career, but she didn’t need the help, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said in the latest episode of TheWrap’s Drinking With the Stars.

“She’d more or less be around the same place she is with or without this sort of onslaught from Donald Trump. I think the onslaught from Donald Trump has probably raised her profile,” Hayes told TheWrap’s Brian Flood on the set of Hayes’ nightly show, “All In.”

Hayes explained that it is a “truth about media” that high-profile feuds can benefit everyone involved after we joked about getting Hillary Clinton to bash him on social media for the good of his career. As for Kelly, Hayes isn’t sure her career needed any help either way.

When talking about whether the 2o16 election will be remembered as the end of the two-party system, Hayes calls the GOP “extreme in a way that no recent party has been.”

“I think that we’ve had tremendous partisan polarization over the years,” Hayes said. “As polarization along ideological and party lines has grown, affinities for the parties themselves have weakened.”

The “All In” host thinks having “two twin forces” acting on the same premise are what makes American politics so unstable at this moment.

“People are separating along geographic lines, they’re picking neighborhoods, they’re living around people that vote like them. They are working around people that vote like them,” Hayes said. “There is this huge polarization happening across every dimension of American life.”

Hayes goes on to call it a “recipe for tremendous distribution,” and it will be studied 100 years from now if it hits an explosion point.