Chris Hemsworth Blasted for Dressing as Native American for New Year’s Eve

A photo posted on Instagram by “Thor” star’s wife draws criticism

Chris Hemsworth New Year

Chris Hemsworth is getting burned on Instagram for a photo posted by his wife, model Elsa Pataky, featuring the “Thor” star dressed as a Native American.

The picture, which features Hemsworth and several other guests at a “Wild West” themed New Year’s Eve party wearing Native American face paint and headdresses, has been blasted by users accusing the group of cultural appropriation.

“As a native woman, its not about being offended or being upset, ITS ABOUT A LACK OF RESPECT FOR OUR CULTURE AND ANCESTORS,” wrote one commenter.  “Why y’all wanna defend black people and their culture but not us? DRESSING LIKE THIS IS NO DIFFERENT TO US THEN DRESSING IN BLACK FACE.”

“@chrishemsworth As a Native American woman and a fan of all your movies please know how hurtful this is to myself and all my Native people,” wrote another.

Other commenters came to the actor’s defense, saying that those taking offense at the picture were being too sensitive.

“I can’t believe there is so much negative discussion going on about the costumes,” wrote user naomiskets.

Fin de Año 2016 Fiesta Wild Wild West!! Feliz Año a todos!!NYE 2016 Wild Wild West Party!! Happy New Year everyone !!

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