Chris Matthews Urges Democrats to Appeal to Poor Americans: ‘Start Thinking About Who They’re up Against’ | Video 

Trump is “calling himself God, and if he can get away with that, then he is truly a cult,” the MSNBC commentator says

Chris Matthews joined “Morning Joe” on Monday, warning that Donald Trump has successfully motivated poor Americans to vote for him since he has the ability “to wire himself into people of basic needs.”

First, the MSNBC commentator discussed Trump’s Easter social media tirade, saying, “This presidential candidate Donald Trump is saying I am the shepherd. I’m him. I’m God.”

“It’s astounding to me that he can talk like this,” Matthews continued. “It’s blasphemy as Maureen Dowd said in the New York Times yesterday. That’s how he talks.”

He then noted that when he was on the ground in New Hampshire, he saw “a lot of really poor people waiting in line for two hours to see Donald Trump.”

“Really poor people, white people in most cases, and I said, ‘What’s going on here?’” Matthews added. “They really want this guy to be their president again.”

Matthews then referenced a Florida Atlantic University poll released in March, which showed that “the only economic group in the country that likes Trump is under $50,000 a year,” for income. 

“Somebody’s got to get that into their heads … and somebody’s got to start thinking about why Trump is appealing to those people,” he urged. “[The Joe Biden campaign has] got to start thinking about who they’re up against.”

“Democrats have got to get to the people. That means Biden has got to start talking to them. And it’s not happening yet … I don’t know if the Democrats have really thought through this campaign and what they’re up against,” Matthews concluded. “This guy’s calling himself God. And if he can get away with that, then he is truly a cult.” 


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