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CNN Grills David Hogg on Laura Ingraham Boycott: ‘Some People Are Calling You a Bully’

Hogg was on set with Ana Cabrera to discuss the boycott he launched against Fox News host Laura Ingraham last week

CNN host Ana Cabrera gave Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg a bit of a grilling — by CNN’s standards — over the weekend, telling the high school student that many have called him a bully over the boycott he launched against Laura Ingraham.

“Some people are calling you a bully,” Cabrera told Hogg before reading a quote from conservative commentator Erick Erickson, who accused the teenager of bullying the Fox News host for not accepting her apology.

“What do you say to that?” Cabrera asked Hogg.

Hogg said he didn’t agree with Erickson’s assessment and that he would rule out any chance of going on Ingraham’s show until she “apologizes to all the people she has hurt throughout her professional career because of her immaturity and unprofessionalism.”

Hogg was on with Cabrera to continue to promote the boycott he launched last week against Ingraham, which has resulted in over a dozen advertisers dropping from her show.

On Friday, Ingraham announced that she would take a week off for Easter.

The decision follows the well-worn playbook of Fox News hosts taking some time away from the spotlight to help stem advertiser exoduses. The historical record of the move is mixed. Hosts Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters managed to survive their own controversies after a cool down period, while Bill O’Reilly did not.