CNN’s Presidential Debate: A Rematch With New Rules That Will Make History

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Bypassing the Commission on Presidential Debates allows the network to limit crosstalk and heckling that has plagued recent TV debates

CNN Trump-Biden debate
Donald Trump and President Joe Biden will square off in a CNN debate on Thursday. (Chris Smith/TheWrap)

As President Joe Biden and Donald Trump gear up for a rematch on Thursday evening, nearly everything about this presidential debate will be different than previous election cycles, aside from one thing — the candidates.

The decision to bypass the Commission on Presidential Debates has allowed the 90-minute event to happen nearly three months earlier than in any previous election year. And CNN has introduced strict new rules — there will be no live audience, and candidates’ microphones will be turned off by default — as well as commercial breaks.

That will ostensibly prevent moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper from having to do battle with the candidates.


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  1. anonymous Avatar

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