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Colbert Celebrates the Season With an Impeachment Advent Calendar (Video)

“The Late Show” host also urges Democrats not to rush through the process

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert kicked off “The Late Show” by talking about some of the latest updates in the drama surrounding the possible impeachment of Donald Trump — and introduced a brand new Christmas tradition.

The tradition? An impeachment advent calendar, modeled on the White House of course, with the White House’s windows serving as the calendar’s doors.

“Every day, you open a door and you get a piece of candy,” Colbert said as he showed it off. But when he opened the first door, he saw there was a note instead of candy in the space. Said the note: “You’ll get your candy, but I would like you to do us a favor, though,” which is, of course, a reference to Donald Trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden.

After that, Colbert took issue with the possibility Democrats might be moving to wrap up the impeachment proceedings sooner than expected. “I’m surprised that [California Democrat Adam] Schiff ended it so quickly, this is the biggest congressional hearing in a generation. It’s an event. It’s ‘quid pro quo-chella,” Colbert quipped.

“And the headliners haven’t even played yet,” Colbert continued, listing off some fake band names inspired by people he thinks should still have to testify before congress. “The Mick Mulvaney Experience, Mike Pompeo Speedwagon, and Mike Pence, AKA Whitesnake.”

Watch the clip below: