Colorado Theater Shooting Victims’ Names Released by Coroner

Eleven of the 12 victims fatally shot at the Aurora, Colo., theater showing "The Dark Knight" are definitively identified. A 6-year-old girl is among the dead

The Arapahoe County Coroner's Office has released the names of victims killed in Friday's shooting at an Aurora, Colo., theater showing "The Dark Knight Rises."

All but one of the 12 have been definitively identified. Some of their stories have begun to emerge. Among the victims:

Veronica Moser-Sullivan, a 6-year-old girl. Her mother, 25-year-old Ashley Moser remains in critical condition with a bullet in her throat and abdomen;

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John Larimer, 27, a U.S. Navy sailor. His family released a statement: “Last night about midnight, a Navy notification team arrived at our house to let us officially know that our 27-year-old, son, John, was in fact one of the 12 killed at the theater in Aurora, Colorado”;

Alex Sullivan, who was celebrating his 27th birthday by watching the new Batman movie and was to celebrate his first wedding anniversary this Sunday;

Matt McQuinn, 27, died to save his girlfriend, 27-year-old Samantha Yowler, shielding her from bullets with his body. She was shot in the knee, but survived;

Jessica Ghawi, the 24-year-old aspiring sportscaster who has captured much media attention as the first identified victim, narrowly escaped death weeks earlier when a gunman shot seven people at a Toronto food court;

A.J. Boik, 18, a student at Aurora's Gateway High School;

Micayla Medek, 23, a student at a nearby community college;

Rebecca Wingo, 32. Her name came out when her father posted on Facebook: "I lost my daughter yesterday to a mad man, my grief right now is inconsolable, I hear she died instantly, without pain, however the pain is unbearable";

Jesse E. Childress, 29, a U.S. Air Force reserves cyber systems operator who was one of two that died at a nearby hospital;

Another serviceman, Jonathan T. Blunt, 26, died covering his girlfriend with his body.

Gordon Cowden, 51 and Alexander Teves, 24, were also identified.

The coroner's office said McQuinn has been presumptively identified and that all families have been notified.

There is a planned vigil set for Sunday evening for all 12 victims killed.