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Conan Taunts Jordan Schlansky From Afar With an Interactive Dog Camera That Hurls Cookies (Video)

”You think you’ve been a good boy?“

Conan O’Brien was getting a little bored in quarantine last night, so he decided to pull some classic shenanigans on his old pal Jordan Schlansky.

O’Brien decided to order a Furbo interactive dog camera and send it to Schlansky, associate producer of his show, with the orders to install it on the floor in his house.

“Jordan, it’s Conan,” the late-night host said from the speaker of the dog camera. “I’m checking in on you because you’re, in some ways, like a pet to me, and I wanted to see how you were doing, pal.”

O’Brien proceeded to gently verbally abuse Schlansky — “I find the way you’re dressed very unprofessional” — and then taunt him until he admits that he is “a good boy.”

“Have you been behaving yourself?” Conan asked.

“I don’t know what your criteria is, but I live by a moral code, morals and ethics, and I believe I behave well all the time,” Schlansky said.

“So you’d say you’re a good guy, even a good boy, right?” O’Brien said.

“Sure, I’m a good boy,” Schlansky said.

“Well go and get those Italian cookies you like,” O’Brien said. Then, he instructed Schlansky to put the biscotti into the Furbo, which he then launched out at him like dog treats.

When Schlansky was repeated unable to catch them in his mouth, O’Brien demanded he get closer to the camera.

“Open wide, Jordan,” he said. “This is important.”

“I want you to be entertained, so whatever you need to do to feel fulfilled,” Schlansky said.

“If it’s any consolation, I haven’t been this happy in weeks,” O’Brien said. “Are you ok with me keeping the Furbo there, Jordan, during the quarantine?”

“Keeping it here is not a problem. Are you implying that you are going to occasionally summon me into this room unannounced and ask me to put my mouth up to this hole and catch a projectile of Italian cookies?” he replied.

You can guess the answer.

Watch the clip above.