Last Night on ‘Conan’: Tyler Perry’s ‘Row 11’ Cameo [Video]

While hawking “Medea’s Big Happy Family,” Perry gamely takes part in a recurring “Conan” sketch that skewers his work

Conan O'Brien has said more than once that the first thing he discovered when he moved his show to TBS was that Tyler Perry is the most powerful man at the network.

"This network, I've computed, is about 88 percent Tyler Perry," joked O'Brien back in December.

On Wednesday night's show, Tyler Perry dropped by to pitch his new movie, "Medea's Big Happy Family," but before the interview, he had some fun at his own expense. He took part in the on-going "Conan" parody, "Tyler Perry's Row 11," a semi-frequent sketch whose premise is that it's a TV show airing within "Conan" itself about a working-class black family who lives in Row 11 of O'Brien's studio audience.

It has featured amazing one-liners, like a son with gray hair telling his parents, "Stop fighting! You're making me go gray and I'm only 10." More great quotes are in store for you in the clip below.