‘Daily Show’ Roasts Vivek Ramaswamy’s ‘Multiverse’ of Contradictions in Latest ‘Biofilm’ | Exclusive Video

The Comedy Central video comes ahead of the presidential hopeful’s fourth RNC debate

“The Daily Show” is taking aim at Vivek Ramaswamy ahead of the Republican National Convention’s fourth debate. The presidential hopeful is the subject of the Comedy Central show’s latest biofilm, TheWrap has learned.

“The Daily Show” has produced several satirical biofilms over the years, focusing on the most discussed candidates each election cycle, as well as the biggest political figures of the time. Ted Cruz, Vladimir Putin, Elon Musk and Lindsey Graham have all received the biofilm treatment. And now it’s Ramaswamy’s time to shine.

The roughly six-minute short is titled “Daily Showography of Vivek Ramaswamy: Enter the Ramaverse” and highlights the candidates multiple contradictions by claiming that he is able to exist in several realities at once.

“Sometimes it seems like we’re living in different realities. Luckily, there’s a presidential candidate who exists in every reality, a powerful being who can travel between dimensions without even pausing for breath,” the voiceover teases before introducing the audience to Ramaswamy.

Repeatedly, the video highlights his many contradictory statements. At one point, a clip of Ramaswamy shows him saying that the climate change agenda is a “hoax.” The next moment, he says it’s “real.” He claims that “Juneteeth is made up” then later wishes “Happy Juneteeth, everyone” on social media. The voiceover also lists the many versions of Ramaswamy that have existed over the years, naming standup comedian, pro tennis player and CEO of Roivant drugs as his various alternate selves.

“As an Indian American who does not identify as Indian American, Ramaswamy was just the person to assure white conservatives that while racism exists, it also does not,” the voiceover continues. It also criticizes Ramaswamy for his outspoken remarks against the Black Lives Matter movement.

“It takes a brave man to take a stance against sympathy for the dead, and the Republican party took notice,” the voiceover says. By the video’s end, the “Daily Show” segment claims Ramaswamy borrowed political moves from two former presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

“And yet he will never be president. Remarkable,” the video says. Watch the satirical film in its entirety above.


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