‘Dancing With the Stars’ Week 10: Who Went Home in the Semi-Finals?

The ABC competition pulled off a surprise twist ahead of next week’s finale

Dancing With the Stars Semi-Finals Season 32
Charity Lawson, Jason Mraz, Alyson Hannigan, Ariana Madix and Xochitl Gomez compete in the "DWTS" semi-finals (CREDIT: ABC)

This article contains spoilers for the Nov. 28 episode of “Dancing With the Stars”

Five couples went into Season 32 semi-finals “Dancing With the Stars” on Tuesday night, with only four slated to compete in the finale next week. But in a major twist, no one went home Tuesday night.

The final contestant’s slot came down to high scorers Ariana Madix and Xochitl Gomez and, to their enormous surprise, fans had voted them both through to the finale.

Alyson Hannigan, who ended the night with the lowest judges’ scores, was so convinced she was going home that she told partner Sasha Ferber after their elegant Waltz,” If that’s my last dance with you, I just want to tell you I just love you so much.” Hough said Hannigan’s the dance, set to “Come Away With Me.” “Comwas her best dance to date and Carrie Ann Inaba praised her “emotional vulnerability.”

Hannigan’s first song was a Jive to “Footloose.” Derek Hough recalled that the “How I Met Your Mother” star told him earlier, “Whoever invited the Jive was drunk and hated human beings.” She was happy to get her first 9 from Inaba, and also because, “I’ll never have to do that again.”

Xochitl Gomez and partner Val Chmerkovskiy led the leaderboard once again after earning back-to-back perfect scores for their “spectacular” Samba” and a Waltz set to “La Vie en Rose.” The second dance choked up both Gomez and Hough, who said that the late Len Goodman would have loved it. Inaba, who was also overcome with emotion, proclaimed it “stunning.”

“Bachelorette” star Charity Lawson and partner Artem Chigvintsev ended in second place after performing a nearly perfect Rumba to “Love The Way You Lie Part III” that Hough called “effortless.” Inaba said the routine was Lawson’s breakthrough, but it was her perfectly scored Quickstep that had Hough on his feet. “You did it, let’s go. That energy we’ve been talking about all season,” he raved.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Ariana Madix worked through a painful back injury for a Jive to “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars that Bruno Tonioli called “bright, light and sassy.” The dance earned two 9s and a 10.

Her second dance, a Foxtrot set to “Trampoline” by Shaed and Zayn, earned all 10s. Hough praised how “smooth” the routine was while Inaba said, “If there was ever a time to glide and give it your all.. And I see you’re in pain. You left it right here on the floor.”

Last week’s comeback kid, Jason Mraz, and partner Daniella Karagach landed in fourth place. Inaba said his Viennese Waltz to his own 2012 song “I Won’t Give Up” was “refined,” but wanted to see as much emotion in Mraz’s dancing as in his singing.

With his second number, a “magic” Paso Doble, Mraz came through. The difficult dance earned a hug and a 10 from Inaba, as well as 10s from Hough and Tonioli.

The five remaining couples will compete for the Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy on next week’s finale.


Total Judges Scores After Both Dances

1. Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy: 60
2. Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev: 59
3. Ariana Madix and Pasha Pashko: 58
4. Jason Mraz and Daniella Karagach: 57
5. Alyson Hannigan and Sasha Farber: 51

“Dancing With the Stars” airs live on Tuesdays on ABC and streams on Disney+ in local time zones and the next day on Hulu. The Season 32 finale is on Dec. 5.


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  1. deborah Crabbe Avatar

    I watch Dancing With The Stars every Tuesday . I love the show and the dancers are amazing . The one thing I find annoying is Bruno . If he’s going to judge , judge what he does on every show is annoying .
    my oppinion is he’s only there to show off and take off his shirt . What he did last night with Derek was rediculas . They need to get a Judge that is going to judge and not think of himself and how sexy he is

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