Watch Sylvester Stallone Get His Butt Kicked by Demi Lovato (Video)

“I slipped. I swear,” “Rocky” star says after getting dropped to the floor by a chick

Demi Lovato punches like a girl — but that’s enough to send Sylvester Stallone to the floor.

Lovato took time out from taking pot-shots at Taylor Swift on Wednesday to take some real shots at “Rocky” star Stallone, slapping on some boxing gloves and sparring with the actor at Los Angeles’ Unbreakable Performance Center.

During their bout, Lovato landed a shot that put Sly on his knees.

“Just knocking out Rocky,” Lovato captioned a photo that she posted on Instagram because, of course, anybody in the world would do the same damn thing.

The video shows Stallone holding his own, until Lovato lands a right to the actor’s chin that drops him.

“I slipped. I swear, it was an accident,” Stallone tells the camera after picking himself up.

Sure. and “Over the Top” was just ahead of its time…

Watch Sly get dropped by a girl in the video.