Discovery Introduces 3 Adorable Animal Families in ‘Brazil Gone Wild’ Specials (Exclusive Video)

TheWrap has a first look at the network’s two-part documentary co-produced with BBC

Discovery Channel and co-producer BBC dig deep into the wilderness for its upcoming two-part special, “Brazil Gone Wild,” which premieres Saturday at 7/6c.

The specials highlight the beauty and danger of the area while highlighting three animal families that are trying to survive their dangerous environment. The spotlighted animals include capuchin monkey, giant otter and coati families.

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Read Discovery’s description for the specials below:

In this two hour program, Discovery will take audiences on an intimate journey into the heart of Brazilian wildlife. The captivating footage tells a tale of love, perseverance and survival in some of the harshest conditions in the world. The three animal species at the heart of this documentary each have their own unique characteristics: Capuchin monkeys, known for their high level of intelligence, endangered giant otters, growing up to six feet in length once full grown, and coatis, members of the raccoon family.

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Tim Scoones executive-produced with series producer Lucinda Axelsson for BBC. For Discovery Channel, James Manfull served as executive producer with John Cavanagh as producer.

Watch TheWrap’s exclusive preview of “Brazil Gone Wild” above.