Bob Iger Is ‘Bullish’ on AI Prospects at Disney: ‘Our Legal Team Is Working Overtime’

“We’re already starting to use AI to create some efficiencies and ultimately to better serve consumers,” the Disney CEO says

Bob Iger CODE Conference
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During Disney’s earnings call for the second fiscal quarter of 2023, CEO Bob Iger addressed the artificial intelligence elephant in the room, making it clear that Disney isn’t shying away from the technological frontier — quite the opposite, in fact.

“AI developments represent some pretty interesting opportunities for us,” Iger said. “In fact, we’re already starting to use AI to create some efficiencies and ultimately to better serve consumers.”

Beyond confirming that AI has already found a home within the house of the mouse, Iger addressed the natural challenges that come with any new, disruptive technology, including the managerial complexities.

“It could be extremely difficult to manage, particularly from an IT management perspective,” Iger said, referring to the tech’s advanced nature. He also noted that Disney’s legal team is “working overtime” to “try to come to grips with what could be some of the challenges” that AI could present within the company’s operations.

Iger spoke about the new AI frontier in no uncertain terms, saying “Overall, I’m bullish about the prospects because I think they’ll create efficiencies and ways for us to basically provide better services to customers.”

Iger isn’t the only CEO recently to postulate that AI could help service customers in an efficient, meaningful capacity. Back in February, Octopus Energy started experimenting with AI for customer support purposes, building up to an early May declaration by CEO Greg Jackson that the experiment had been a resounding success and that AI was now doing 250 employees’ worth of work at his company and doing so with better customer satisfaction ratings, to boot.