Disney+ Was Downloaded 3 Million-Plus Times on 1st Day

Fans watched 1.3 million hours of Disney+ content, according to Apptopia

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Despite some early technical difficulties, Disney+ still racked up millions of viewers in the 24 hours following its highly anticipated launch. After launching early on Tuesday, the app for Disney’s new streaming service was downloaded 3.2 million times in its first day, according to data shared by app tracking firm Apptopia on Wednesday morning. Nearly 89% of those downloads came from the U.S., while the rest stemmed from Canada (9%) and the Netherlands (2%). Disney+ is expected to launch in other major markets like the U.K. in 2020. Disney likely would’ve had an even bigger debut on its hands had it not run into technical issues for thousands of fans. On Tuesday, Eager customers shared several different error messages on Twitter, with some users being met with an “unable to connect” alert. Others were greeted with: “Error. Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later.” And that was for the customers that were lucky enough to even get on Disney+, with some saying they ran into tech issues just trying to sign up. Altogether, Disney+ viewers watched 1.3 million hours of content in the app’s first day, according to Apptopia. Netflix subscribers in North America, for comparison, watched about 6 million hours of content on Tuesday. (Netflix is the leading streaming service in the U.S. with about 60 million customers.) And speaking of Netflix, its app was downloaded 662,000 times in the first day following its 2010 debut, according to Apptopia. But that was years before “House of Cards” and the streaming revolution in general started to take off, of course.